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Steve Ames Inducted into the SEMA Hall of Fame

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

In 1969, the SEMA Hall of Fame was established to pay tribute to visionary pioneers whose profound contributions have significantly shaped and elevated the automotive industry. This esteemed assembly of individuals are not just figures; they're celebrated heroes, each with a remarkable narrative that has left an indelible mark. This May, we proudly witnessed the induction of three distinguished leaders into the SEMA Hall of Fame: John Iannote of Kunzman & Associates, Mitch Williams representing Rigid Industries, and a cherished member of our own community, Steve Ames of Ames Performance Engineering.

Reflecting on this honor, we're reminded of the immense impact Steve Ames made on not only the automotive industry, but on our own community. We can't help but imagine the sheer joy and heartfelt gratitude he would have felt to be chosen for this prestigious distinction. Steve's passion and dedication have left an enduring legacy that continues to inspire us all.

Joan Ames, Steve's devoted wife of over 50 years, spoke on his behalf at the SEMA Leaders & Legends Gala in Anaheim, California on July 21st.

Tune into the video to hear what she had to say about Steve, the SEMA Hall of Fame, and more:

In addition, the SEMA Hall of Fame worked together with Joan and the team at Ames Automotive Foundation to put together a wonderful video about Steve, his background, and his many and momentous contributions to the automotive industry and his community:

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